Data Source

Tree Data

We used open source data set of trees in the city of Frankfurt. (Baumkataster Frankfurt am Main) Although, this data set only includes the public trees which causes the blind spot in the private area. This problem is solved by allowing users to add new tree data to the application’s database.

Frankfurt am Main Tree data from Grünflächenamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main displays on esri light gray canvas basemap

Current Wind Data

The wind data is collected from OpenWeatherMap by an API request every 5 minutes and then it is inserted into the database over time.

The important wind data parameters from OpenWeatherMap are the following parameters.

  • [wind.speed] Wind speed. Unit: meter/sec
  • [wind.deg] Wind direction, Unit: degrees (meteorological)

Historical Wind Data

The historical wind data is based on a statistical analysis of historical hourly weather reports and model reconstructions from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2016 taken from the open source online website ( [May, 2017]).

Tree Blooming data

Another important base information for this project is the blooming behavior of trees taken from from Allegopharma. Around the major blooming season, the chance of blooming is even higher and in the middle of the season the tree will definitely bloom. For pollen dispersal calculation purpose, this data can be expressed as the floating numbers from 0 to 1 where the 1 indicates the highest possibility of blooming.

3-8-2017 8-04-36
Allergen calendar for Central Europe,





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